The Love Button is the only Social Sharing Plugin, which combines the data privacy of a 2-click social sharing solution with individual settings and anonymous, viral statistics.

Data privacy specialists

love the Love Button, because user data will only be transferd to social networks after double opt-in and only anonymous data will be stored internally.

Copyright specialists

love the Love Button, because images, for which they don’t have the exlpoitation right in social media, can be excluded from social sharing.


love the Love Button, because they can analyse their contents’ “virality” and display the new and most loved articles in a frontend widget.


love the Love Button, because they can choose between different styles and settings or select an own button for social sharing.



Social Networks

The Love Button supports all important social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google or Pinterest. It can also print, mail or favourite your contents.


Choose between different styles or select an own image as the Love Button. Adapt the button to your needs and insert it wherever you want in your website.


Give your website visitors recommendations for the most recommended articles from a specific time space. Leverage click-throughrates, and social bookmarks so.


Learn, which contents are recommended most in a specific network and improve your social media marketing out of that.



Download the Love Button for free in the basic version or license the premium version for your website.


All basic functions and settings,
which you need for your start.

Download for free from WordPress


Analyse the recommendations with detailed statistics
which you can sort by a custom period and network.
* Lifetime license for 1 website including 1 year updates, incl. 19% vat.

About us

About us.

We are deLucks, we are a online agency from Munich, Germany.

We develop custom websites and e-commerce solutions with a liking of design, usability, search engine optimization and social media.

Although social plugins and 2-click social sharing buttons are ugly and the fear of dissuasions for copyright violations grow everyday, there didn’t exist any social sharing solution wich solves this problem. So, we didn’t wanted to hesitate and developed by own ourn this lovely social sharing plugin.

By the way: the Love Button is also part of our new tool. The DELUCKS SEO Plugin combines search engine optimization with content marketing. That’s because shared contents are social signals for Google & Co, to show search engines how recommendable your contents are. So social sharing ist also very important for your seo.